Construction is a tough field to stay on top of. With the help of magazines, however, people in the industry can get wind of new trends easily. Magazines are an excellent format for finding information out about the construction trade because of the strong photographic qualities of this medium. People don’t have to just read about the news, they can see it in full color also.

There are lots of ways to rate magazines. For the purposes of this blog, the top five magazines are ranked by the number of Twitter followers they have as of April 5, 2018. Here are the top five most widely followed construction magazines that are likely worth subscribing to.

Contract Design

Contract design is a beautiful magazine with resources for interior designers as well as contractors. This magazine takes a studious approach to contracting and includes white papers as well as insightful articles.

Engineering News Record

Engineering News Record takes a technical approach to contracting news. This magazine includes articles on specialty contracting issues, such as technical issues on city job sites that might escape the average reader who wasn’t in the trades. They include articles on the challenges of the trade, such as taxes and IPO offerings.

Construction Executive

Construction Executive is a well-organized magazine with sections for probably every file on the executive’s desk. With articles on legal, business, tools, and more, the executive should find this magazine a treasure trove of resources.

Builder Online

Builder Online targets the custom-build home builder. It has tons of useful articles on things that affect custom home build and design. Even mortgage rates are discussed here.


Contractor magazine is all about the industrial build. The magazine includes the latest on large-scale building deals in international news as well as HVAC and plumbing technical news. A must-have for those that like to keep up on hotel builds.

The magazine list goes on for those that love to keep up on contracting, but these top five are sure to be staples on many people’s coffee tables for years to come. Readers should keep up with the latest from these magazines online via social media and the respective websites to stay in the loop even more.