Founded in 1976 by Millard and Linda Fuller, Habitat for Humanity has grown into a large organization that seeks to ensure everyone has a decent home. While the organization may be widely known for building affordable homes for low-income families, that’s not the only way that Habitat for Humanity helps those in need.

In addition to building new homes, Habitat for Humanity also helps restore older homes to ensure people are living safely within their communities. This means assisting low-income families in getting the repairs they need to maintain their homes in good, livable conditions. They also help the elderly make modifications to their homes that help them live more safely.

The work that Habitat for Humanity does benefits more than just individual families. By helping to update and repair existing homes, they prevent many neighborhoods from falling into desolation. Their efforts are often rewarded by seeing once-depleted neighborhoods restored and revitalized.

On a worldwide basis, Habitat for Humanity’s programs often provide resources where none had previously existed. There may not be mortgage availability and housing programs in some other countries, which means many people lack the means to buy their own homes. Habitat for Humanity provides those resources, allowing more families to own their own homes.

Habitat for Humanity builds a community of its own by keeping homeowners involved in the program. In addition to being able to repay the small home loan, new homeowners are required to partner with the organization. This is done through building “sweat equity,” which is a phrase Habitat for Humanity uses to describe participation in the program. This may involve some classroom learning, so participants will be prepared to join in building new homes. Participants may help build their own homes before they pitch in to help build other homes in their community. They may also be asked to help out at their local Habitat for Humanity office or store.

Habitat for Humanity strives to do more than simply provide homes for low-income families. They also want to ensure those they help can sustain themselves over a more extended period. This is why the organization works with other charities to ensure those in need can gain access to the resources that will help them succeed in life.