The construction industry is a crucial part and parcel of the global economy. The industry has undergone a significant revolution, particularly with the increased application of technology and innovation. Research and development have led to the creation of revolutionary solutions that are capable of fast-tracking construction work while also facilitating safety and accuracy in the industry. The last two decades have seen a major boost in the application of technology in the construction industry.

Tech gadgets

Technology gadgets have been developed and evolved in the construction industry, targeting making easy the work of engineers, contractors, foremen, and construction site workers. Portable devices, including simple smartphones and walkie-talkies, facilitate the ability of construction site coordinators to communicate effectively with their ground team. More complex construction site gadgets such as lasers and GPS devices enable contractors to achieve pinpoint accuracy when it comes to measurements on the construction site.

Digitization of construction engineering

Software has been developed, designed to make the work of construction engineers relatively easy, particularly as far as drawing and sketching digital construction plans is concerned. Two-dimensional and three-dimensional software enables engineers to achieve pinpoint accuracy when simulating the appearance of a client’s building. The software also allows clients to visualize the finished product in virtual form, therefore making it easy to pinpoint adjustments before the actual construction work begins.

Construction site management

The construction site is a multi-disaster-prone area which, if not well coordinated, can not only cause accidents but also lead to underperformance. The development of construction site management software has come a long way for the last 20 years to the present-day software which enables resource planning, resource utilization, timeline management, multi-team collaboration, billing, and real-time communication. Together, this makes the work of supervisors and project managers very easy as work can be done at the click or touch of a button.

Autonomous technology

The invention of drones has made it easy for project managers to monitor the progress of large construction sites. Drones that are fitted with high-resolution cameras can follow a pre-programmed flight pattern coordinated by the GPS technology to ensure proper surveillance when facilitating the proper resource mobilization and utilization.

Construction site safety

Safety is a crucial issue in every construction site. Thanks to technology, such as wearable devices, construction site safety engineers can enforce the highest levels of health and safety standards in compliance with regulatory demands. For instance, such wearable gadgets can help warn construction site workers whenever they approach a site infested with potential hazardous features and chemicals.